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點擊次數:3761 時間:2015-04-24 整理:grid blues 標簽:


Simon's green movement in Chengdu gym, is a newly opened, promote green fitness-oriented gym. The mural is located in the center of the main hall of the gym, the picture is magnificent, vibrant, this green movement and fitness theme is very consistent.

這幅畫的原作者為古巴的知名畫家Tomás Sánchez ,我們之所以選擇這幅畫來作為綠動健身主題壁畫,其在與畫面的意境以及寓意非常符合中國人的審美。水為財,水潭為聚財之物,取財源廣進之意。同時這幅畫,視野非常開闊,又對空間拓展的效果。

This painting is the original author of the famous Cuban artist Tomás Sánchez, we chose this picture as the green movement fitness theme mural, its aesthetic mood of the Chinese people and the meaning and the picture fits in. Water for money, pool for the enrichment of the matter, take plenty of money intended. At the same time this picture, very broad vision, but also on the effect of expanding space.


Because the screen is very large, only charge a different angle shooting screen. After the drawing is complete, you, general manager of the gym on our grid blues art and drawing skills with graphs are all praise. Said the painting as well as mood and momentum are very apt and environmental topics, they are very fond of, I am also very fond of.

壁畫規格:長7.9米 高4.1米 材料:蒙馬特丙烯 用時:8天。


This scene Person blues artist in the field of art painted murals real photos, from here you can see the front of the screen, but because too many obstructions in front, next only to feel distant mural bring you the shock.

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